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Golden-Bull Shooter ( DOB:28-06-2009 )


    owner Alberto Sanson & Simone Mazzucco / Italy

Show Me Ralph`s Red By Design
Ch Only Ralph Lauren
Ch Cherokee Legend Mouser bill
Ch Cherokee Dakota Robert
Ch Cherokee Legend Flower
Ch Edward`s Hollyhock
Edward`s Chunk Of Nuget
Edward`s Amaryllis
Show Me lourdes Of The Ring
Ch Cherokee Legend Rock
Ch cherikee Legend Crazy Horse
Ch Empires Cleopatra
Hillbulyz Maj Leuge Madonna
Ch Cherokee Legend Mouser bill
Ch Major Leuge Majic Moment
Ch Merriveen Mke Haste
Ch Esclusham Golden Chimes Of Wencar
Merriveen Mona Lisa
Hyten High Priestess of Luvpull
Ch Medbull Gold Dust Ower Kelloe
Ch. Wyscaple All in The Game With Hyten
Ch Newrock Rasputin
Ardenrun Aramis At Newrock
Heathdan Lovely Lady At Newroxk
ICh Wencar Golden Chanche