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Karla Nava ( DOB:07-09-2013 )

Ch. Exact Classic Kokkies Brick
Ch Cherokee Legend Rock
Ch cherikee Legend Crazy Horse
Ch. Legacy`s Cajun Zeus
Ch. Cherokee Mardel Sage
Ch Empires Cleopatra
Ch. Filippins Scout
Kongs Kat Butler
Ch. Violet Silver Fox Of Exact
Ch. Little ponds Gold Label
Ch. Little Ponds Rebel
Ch. Helfyre Little Ponds Promise
Jacquay`s Violet Rose
Ch cherikee Legend Crazy Horse
Scarlets Little Tammy Fay
Whitey Nava
Ch. Rojas`s Obsesson Standing Ovation
Ch. Rojas`s The Return
Ch. Glendars Dylan
Rojas`s Salma
Lesbulldogs Valentina
Ch. Little Ponds Spike The Tenk
Leticia Vom Marbach
Atena Gutierrez
Ch. Imprious Rhinestone Cowboy
Ch. My Tosy Mighty Texas Legend
Ch. Imperious Wise Fear Factor
Maru Jaime
Coraje Barba
Grecamasita Jaime